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Arctic Thunder
florida game rentals
snowmobile-like cabinet design with a built-in fan and seat shaker. As
players hit the throttle the sled accelerates, the seat rumbles, and the
fan blows a thin wind of cold air in your face, making Arctic Thunder the most realistic racer to date! You can set up a 2nd unit for head to head racing! Lots of fun!  H: 78", W: 30", D: 62" 475lbs Back to Games

florida boat racing gameflorida boat racing games
Your at the Helm of this turbo-Charged superboat racing game where
u get to choose from 13 boats and 11 tracks from around the world.
There are secret paths, power ups, special boat moves, and Various water conditions such as glassy lakes, waterfalls, stormy swells, and more!
Thanks to the game design Your boat will react to its 3D surroundings plus
a subwoofer in the seat reproduces the rumble of the boats engine which adds intensity to a game that is already a full throttle adrenaline rush! You can set up a 2nd unit for head to head racing! H: 74", W: 30", D: 64" 350lbs Back to Games

Rush The Rock
florida racing gameflorida racing games
The most extreme Street racing game to date. Realistic driving Model with Steering wheel feedback. Race through 7 different Tracks, choose from 12 different cars, find hidden shortcuts to get you back in the race. Rocking sound track. Awesome racing Game!
Dimensions: 67"H x 30"W x 62"D
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Pacman Battle Royale
pacman battle royalepacman party rental
This new competitive 4-player pacman Arcade game is simple, fun, and addictive. If you eat a power pellet you can not only eat the ghosts, but you can eat your friends! The last pacman standing wins each round. At the end of the game statistics are displayed for each player, such as "Won Most Rounds" and "Ate Most Pac-Man", etc....   Click Here for Youtube Video. Dimensions 35" W x 45" L, 365 lbs

Guitar Hero
guitar hero partyrockband party
Kids get to pick their favorite songs and have a jam session.
Up to 4 kids can play simultaneously. Play Together or Go Head to Head.
Pick Your favorite Version of Guitar Hero.
Includes Plasma TV set up, Game System, controllers, favorite Guitar hero game.

L.E.D. Light Game
led light button gamelight button game

Futuristic arcade game that tests your dexterity, speed, and reflexes with Multicolored LED lit playfield and Buttons set to Upbeat, Retro-Styled Arcade Game Music! The game keeps score of how fast you can press all the buttons as they light up. Game displays score and remaining time and has Adjustable Play Time and difficulty. This game works well in lighted or dark rooms and is great for kids & adults. Click here for youtube video. Dimensions : 34"H x 34"W x 50"L, 256 Lbs

DDR Arcade Dance Machine
florida dance dance revolution ddr
This is the real 2-Player Dance dance Revolution arcade machine with Lights and Dance Pads, not the playstation or xbox version. This is the most popular version with 100's of new songs, 2 player battle style, improved graphics, 4 modes of play, and more of the excitement you come to expect from the #1 dance Arcade Machine Franchise in the world! colorful 3D backgrounds, Music videos, arcade quality graphics, and animated 'on-screen' dancers. Requires a 6' x 6' space and wheeled access. Dimensions: Cabinet: H: 88", W: 48", D: 30" Dance Pads: H: 48", W: 70", D: 43" Total Weight: 941 lbs

Dual Video Game System

If you can't watch the video above then update your PC web browser with the new quicktime plugin, it's free!
2 Separate Video game systems built into one unit! Great way to keep 8 kids busy and works in small rooms or tight spaces. Game Includes 2 separate High Definition TVs, 2 Separate game systems, Latest Games, 8 controllers, and 1 Game Attendant.


Xbox Arcade
florida xbox arcade
Real Arcade machine with a 4-player xbox system, high definition TV, and Build in arcade Speakers. This space saving cabinet design has a more professional look than setting up a TV at your event. 40" Deep x 28" wide x 75" High. 350 lbs.

Video Games
florida video game rental
Video games are a great way to keep the kids occupied during cocktail hour. Popular games include Madden, NBA Live, Halo, Call of Duty, and many more. Pick your favorite games or let us choose for you. We recommend 4-player games to keep more of the kids entertained, and you can book multiple video game booths to create your own personalized arcade.

Multicade Arcade
florida video game rental
This attractive 2-Player arcade cabinet is packed with 60 Classic arcade games!
(Pacman, Ms Pacman, Frogger, Donkey Kong, Galaga, and many more!)
Dimensions: 40"L x 27"W x 70"H Weight: 300lbs. Click Here for YouTube Video.

Arcade Legends Machine

arcade legends game rental mame florida video game rental
This attractive 2-Player arcade cabinet is packed with over 100 classic arcade games! (Centipede, Space Invaders, Defender, Joust, Missle Command, Asteroids, Breakout, and many more!) Dimensions: 40"L x 27"W x 68"H Weight: 345 lbs.

Pinball Machines

florida pinball rentalflorida pinball rentals
All of our pinball Rentals are newer style pinball machines with mutliball and ramps. Requires access to 110 electric within 100 feet. Games are set to freeplay. No attendant, Delivery Charges May apply.

Pop-A-Shot Basketball
pop-a-shot party rentalbasketball pop a shot
Players compete against each other 1-on-1, or against the 60 second Digital shot clock. Baskets are worth 2 points each, but during the last 15 seconds baskets are worth 3 points each so losing players have a chance for a comeback! Game keeps track of each players score digital sound effects. Games are 60 secs long so everyone gets a turn. attendant in referee shirt optional.

Pop-A-Shot Football Toss
football toss game rental for party football toss game
This new Football version of the popular basketball Pop-A-Shot is a 2-Player head-to-Head Football Toss game that keeps time and score as players compete for the best score. Toss
the six soft mini-footballs through the Targets to score big. The crowd cheers when you score, so don't let them down. Electronic scoring adds to the excitement and competition. attendant in referee Shirt optional.

4-Player Ping Pong or Regular Ping Pong Table
4 player ping pong party game rental florida ping pong rental
4-Player Ping Pong:
A new twist on a classic. player zones are color Coded. plastic bumpers replace nets. Players can hit the ball off these bumpers for more extreme gameplay. game is played with normal rules, or like box ball: Player in the yellow box is the #1 player and they serve until they lose a point. Once they lose a point they are out and the person in position #2 moves to position #1 in the yellow section and all other players rotate up one position. Each time a player loses a point a brand new player joins the game at Position #4. players rotate like this always trying to get to the #1 position. game can also be played as 2 vs. 2, or 3 vs. 1.     Dimensions: 102"L x 102"W x 30"H     Weight 330 lbs     Video

Standard Ping Pong:
Killerspin Tournament Grade table, 4 Paddles, Ping Pong Balls.
1.5" Thick Solid Steel Frame, Premium steel net & post system.
107.8" x 60" x 29.9", 231 lbs

6-Player Air Hockey
florida 6 player air hockey
Three times the fun as regular air hockey! Up to 6 Players compete simultaneously. Goals can be blocked off for two, three, four, or five player action 7' long table with hexagonal shape, up to 3 defendable goals on each side.
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Air Hockey
florida air hockey rental
2-Player L.E.D. Air Hockey Game with LED lights along puck release and playfield. Includes side sound sensors, a scratch-free polycarbonate playfield, and Sound Effects. Dimensions 7.25'L
X 4'W   330 lbs. Click here for Video

Boom-A-Rang Air Hockey
florida air hockey rental
You've never seen air powered hockey like this before. New design incorporating space saving footprint (5 sq. feet). Bank your puck against the wall in front of you to try and score against the opponent standing at your side. The Boom-A-Rang presents a whole new challenge for those who think they've mastered the game of air hockey, or for anyone who wants to try their hand at the next generation air hockey table. Includes Boom-A-Rang Overhead Electronic Scoring Unit. Dimensions 60"L X 51.5"W X 65.5"H 400 lbs.


Super Chexx Hockey
super chexx rod hockey party rentalbubble hockey super chexx rod hockey party rental dome game
Hockey game can be played as a 1-on-1 game or 2-on-2.
overhead LED scoreboard records GOALS, PERIOD, and RUNNING TIME. automatic puck return system within the dome makes the game tamper proof. overhead dome lighting and sound fX. Requires 4' x 6' space for game play. Video 1   Video 2

Super Kixx Soccer
florida soccer game rental

Arcade "Soccer" Rod Hockey game. Players on either side control all 6 realistic Soccer players for exciting and realistic game play. The game can be played as a 1-on-1 game or 2-on-2. Plastic dome keeps ball in playfield and prevents Tampering with Gameplay. Game has grass playfield, electronic scoring, lights, and sound effects. Electricity required. 56"L x 30"W x 55"H, 180 lbs.

florida foosball rental        florida foosball game rental
Arcade Foosball Table. This is Not a $300 Foosball table from Sports Authority!
One of the best tables available in world! Table has 8 rods with "Telescopic" handles that prevent rods from sticking out on the opposite side during gameplay to prevent injury. Playfield is covered with glass like a pinball machine to prevent game tampering, and metal ball guides prevent ball Theft. This is an arcade machine set to "freeplay" no quarters needed! There is a goal at each end and a place to serve on each side in the middle. Each player/Team uses their handles to move their men to strike the ball into the opposing Teams goal. 2-4 kids can play this classic game. 59"L x 30" 275 lbs

Super Foosball
florida foosball game rentalsuper foosball
Multi-Player Foosball Madness! Fast-Paced action for up to 8 players!
More Players = More Fun! Play 3 or more balls for a scoring frenzy.
8'L x 24"W Back to Games

Claw Machine
claw machine grabber
Arcade Claw Machine, (a.k.a. Skill Crane) set to freeplay. Attractive design with running lights, Voice & Sound effects, and Automatic prize Detection. The Claw Machine comes preloaded with "Licensed" plush prizes, but can be rented empty or customized with theme releated prizes. Ex. plush Animals, inflatables, mini-Basketballs, Jewelry, Snack bags, Candy, and more.
Click here for a Customized sample Sports mix. 31.5"W x 36"D x 76"H - 250 Lbs. Requires wheeled access

Giant Twister
giant twister game rental for partyprize wheel rental
Florida's largest twister mat is big enough to cover most dance floors at 25'x25'. This heavy duty twister mat can accomodate up to 75 guests, but it can be adjusted to smaller sizes. Optional Attendant and 42" Giant twister Wheel.

Giant Board games
florida game rentals
Connect Four- almost 4' tall, 42 discs
Kerplunk- 4' Tower, 24 straws, 30 Cannonballs
Chess or Checkers- Board size apx. 10'x10', 24 pieces. (Each Checker is 10" wide).

Jenga- 58 pieces can be built over 6' high (Game Starts at 3' High) Video
see also Giant Twister
, Giant Operation.

Sumo Suits
florida sumo suits game
2 Guests suit up in these foam-Filled, padded Sumo Suits. The first sumo wrestler to fall down or step out of the ring will be declared the loser. Includes padded 14' sumo arena mat, Padded body, padded mittens, and head piece. Sumo suits are hilarious fun to watch as well as play. Includes Attendant, no Electricity required.

Off With Your Head
off with you head game rental for party
Includes Padded Costume and Velcro Attached head Piece, Padded Staffs, and Attendant.

florida surboard game
Our surfboard is mounted to a motorized Base that simulates the motion of a real wave. Surfboard is surrounded by an inflatable safety zone for your guests to safely wipeout. The wave simulation is adjustable, so you can ride a kiddie pool size wave if you're a "Barney," or you can ride the middle of the impact zone at Mavericks if you're a surfing god. Over 100 people can play per hour and one staff member is provided. Requires 15'x15' space and 110v outlet.

Addams Family Shocker

florida game rental
Compete with Uncle Fester and try to hold on to the handle bars as long as you can while he increases the "Voltage". With three levels (Easy, Medium, and Hard,) players either compete in teams of two (One holding each handle bar) or go solo holding on to both. This is a great spectator game as well b/C It's fun to watch people try to hold on. Click here for YouTube video.
Dimensions: 86"H x 31"W x 28"D

Velcro Wall
florida velcro wall velcro suits
Contestants wear velcro suits and jump off a springboard in an attempt to "stick" onto the inflatable wall as high as possible in different positions. Includes attendant. Dimensions 12' H x 10' W x 15' L. Requires 110v outlet.

Rope Ladder Climb
inflatable rope ladder climb
Single Rope Ladder. Guests "Try" to climb the ladder (Attached on a swivel) up to the rope to ring the bell. Requires an 8' wide x 14' long x 8' high area for the inflatable Base. Includes attendant and up to 12 prizes. Requires access to 110 electric within 100 feet.

Foam Dance Pit
inflatable foam dance pitinflatable foam dance pit
Dance in Pools of Foam waist high! we use a specially formulated foam which fills the dance floor with safe, non-Toxic bubbles.
foam dance pit is 25'x25'x5' high.

Sky Dancers
inflatable sky dancer fly guy
Air Inflated tubes that dance and move. Available in 12' High dancer with one leg, or 25' high dancer with 2 legs.

Giant Operation

A larger than life version of the game you played as a child. This game has sound effects, LED count down timer, 14 Crazy Body Parts to remove, Oversized Tweezers, and of course the Nose lights up every time your malpractice insurance rates increase! This 2-4 player game is based on which player/Team collects the most body parts without hitting the edges and setting off the alarm! 6' x 3' Game table. Every guest will want to try this at least once! This game has an internal battery as well so it can be set up without access to electricity. Click here for YouTube Video

Juke box rentals
jukebox juke box party rental
Old fashioned wurlizter-Style Juke Box that plays CDs. Juke box has neon colors and Air bubbles that dance around. great for sock hops and rock & roll themed events. Also works as a separate sound system for your cocktail hour music if it's in a different room than the DJ.

gyroscope party rental
Designed by NASA, this gyroscope simulates free falling, anti-Gravity and the rolls and tumbles associated with outer space. Get strapped and harnessed in a race-car-Seat while the operator spins you around. Note: Riders Do Not experience motion sickness or dizziness due to the changing directions of the spin which keeps the inner ear fluid balanced.

Money machine Cash Cube
money machine cash cube
Try the hottest Money machine Cash Cube you've ever seen! contestants try to Grab the Cash before the timer runs out. "Funny money", Coupons, or real Cash can be used! This Metal Frame Money machine is covered with Aluminum brushed diamond plate trim, State of the art electronics, Adjustable countdown timer that automatically shuts the blower off when time runs out. The blower is also disabled as a safety precaution if the door is opened. Programable RGB L.E.D strip lights can be programed for any color or light pattern (Chase, strobe, blink, solid). Programable Color message board displays your Name, Brand, or message.   Dimensions: 84.5"H x 36.5"W x 31"D 415 lbs  click here for Money Machine Cash Cube Video & information.  Click Here for  backup YouTube Video

antigravity game rental
Can you defy gravity? Challenge yourself by sliding the rails apart & together causing the ball to roll down the rails & drop into the holes with the most point value.

Pool Table
florida pool table game rental
Classic Style Billiards pool Table. Comes complete with 2 sticks, balls set, and triangle. SIZE: 40''W x 78''L x 31''H

Prize Wheel
florida prize wheel rental
Our Magnetic 42" Prize wheel has a metal layer, covered with a Dry Erase Vinyl. Ultimate in versatility, change sections, faces, write and erase. available with or without the magnetic graphics. Complete, ready to spin, includes 55" base stand, with adjustable clicker, rubber tipped pegs, and rubber edge trim. This is a quality Prize Wheel, not a cheap Immitation.
Custom 42" Prize Wheel designs can be printed to match any theme or decor.
Click Here for Customized Prize Wheel Samples

Boulder Toss
boulder toss inflatable game rental

This game originated from a japanese gameshow. 2-3 people stand on the pedestal while friends stand around the ring and try to knock them off. last person standing wins! 20'W x 20'L x 22'H

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Cocktail Hour Entertainment provides cocktail hour entertainment services for the cocktail hour at your Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Corporate Event, Wedding, Sweet 16, Quince, or other Special Events. Our services are available for just 1 hour or for the entire party.

We provide Airbrush Party Favors (AirBrush Shirts, AirBrush Pillows, AirBrush Boxers, AirBrush Hats, etc....), Arcade Games, Arcade Machines, AirBrush Tattoo Artists, Air Hockey Tables, Baseball Speed Pitch, Basketball Pop-A-Shot, Bead Factory, Black Jack Tables, Bling Station, Bubble Hockey, Bubble Soccer, Caricaturist, Digital Caricaturist, Carnival Games, Casino Tables, Circus, Claw Machine, Cotton Candy, Craps Table, DDR Dance Dance Revolution, Dance Heads (Boogie Bodies/ Pop Noggins), Dog Tags, Photo Dog Tags, Fantasy/Fake I.D. Cards, Feather Extensions, Flip Books, Foosball, Foam Dance Pit, Football Toss, Fun Foods, Giant Board Games, Giant Operation, Giant Twister, Glitter Tattoos, Golf Challenge, Graffiti, Green Screen Photos, Guitar Hero, Gyroscope, Hair Feathers, Hair Tinsel, Hollywood Photos (Red Carpet Photos), Hose Hockey, Jukebox Rental, Magazine Covers, Money Machine, Movie Posters, Multicade, Pinball Machines, Phone Cases, Photo Booths, Photo Favors (Photo Novelties & Green Screen), Photo Keychains, Ping Pong & Ping Pong Table (4-Player), Poker Tables, Pool Table, Popcorn Machine, Prize Wheel, Pucker Powder (Sandy Candy), Rice Jewelry, Rock Band, Rope Ladder Climb, Roulette Wheel, Skill Crane, Sky Dancer, Slot Car Racing, Slotless Car Racing (Microreality), Soft Pretzels, Sno Kones, Sport Games, Sublimation Favors, Surfboard Simulator (RoboSurfer), Sumo Suits, Tattoos, Velcro Wall, Video Game Systems, Wax Hands, Xbox Arcade, and much more!

We service all the following areas:

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Atlantis Lake Worth Belle Glade Lantana Boca Raton Loxahatchee Groves Boynton Beach Manalapan Briny Breezes Mangonia Park Cloud Lake North Palm Beach Delray Beach Ocean Ridge Glen Ridge Pahokee Village of Golf Palm Beach Greenacres Palm Beach Gardens Gulf Stream Palm Beach Shores Haverhill Palm Springs Highland Beach Riviera Beach Hypoluxo Royal Palm Beach Juno Beach South Bay Jupiter South Palm Beach Jupiter Inlet Colony Tequesta Lake Clarke Shores Wellington Lake Park West Palm Beach WPB W.P.B.

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